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Nantong Synasia New Material Co.,Ltd. as the company’s production site was registered in Rugao Nantong New      Material Park with total area over 33333㎡ and total investment over 19 million US dollors. We manufacture and sell high performance, high quality, high standard and environmentally friendly special epoxy resins. The company has sales branches in Shanghai and the United States. We have more than 30 researchers with PhD, master and key universities’ bachelors’ degree in our R & D center and pilot production workshop in Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park.We insist on the philosophy of new material developed, technology first, we aimed at developing new materials, high quality products and perfect services. So far we has successfully developed dozens of new products, and has a number of national invention patents and high-tech products. The company has three facilities and complete production lines. Products have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, electronic technology, wind power, photoelectricity industry, new composite materials and so on.

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