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Application of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin in UV cationic light curing (1)

Update: 2021-3-29  


UV curing technology is a high-efficiency, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, advanced technology in the 21st century, which is widely used in coatings, adhesives, inks, optoelectronics and other fields.


Since the American Inmont company obtained the first UV curable ink patent in 1946, and the German Bayer Company developed the first generation of UV curable wood coatings in 1968, UV curable coatings have developed rapidly all over the world. In recent decades, a large number of new and efficient photoinitiators, resins, monomers and advanced UV light sources have been applied to the UV curing industry, which has promoted industry development.


The cycloaliphatic epoxy resin is a low molecular compound containing two cycloaliphatic epoxy groups. It is not a polymer itself, but when reacting with the curing agent it can generate a polymer with excellent-performance three-dimensional structure. Advantages include low viscosity, good thermal stability, low halogen content, great electrical performance, excellent UV-resistant and non-yellowing performance, low migration and no oxygen inhibition after UV curing, etc.

Main cycloaliphatic epoxy resins

UV cured cycloaliphatic epoxy resin characteristics

UV cured cycloaliphatic epoxy resin applications

UV光固化油墨 / UV curable inks
UV光固化涂料 / UV curable coatings

Advantages of UV curing technology 

2.1  UV光固化油墨篇 / UV curable inks

● 組成:UV樹脂,單聚物(通常在普通油墨作為溶劑,降粘,參與化學反應),添加劑,光引發劑

● Composition: UV resin, monomer (used as solvent in ordinary ink for reduced viscosity), additive, photoinitiator

● 優勢:低VOC, 無溶劑,干燥速度快,光澤度好,色彩鮮艷,耐水耐溶劑,耐磨

● Advantages: Low VOC, solvent free, fast drying speed, high gloss, brilliant color, strong resistance to moisture / solvent / abrasion.

● 應用領域 / Applications

UV油墨品種:UV研磨,UV冰凍,UV發泡,UV起皺,UV凸字,UV折光,UV點綴, UV上光油的特殊包裝印刷油墨。

UV ink varieties: UV grinding, UV freezing, UV foaming, UV wrinkling, UV lettering, UV refracting, UV decorating, UV varnishing when used for printing inks in special packaging.


UV ink printing technology: UV offset printing ink, UV screen printing ink, UV pad printing ink, UV water-based inkjet ink


UV ink application: UV tin printing ink, UV metallic ink, UV glass ink, UV plastic ink, UV circuit board ink, UV photosensitive ink

發展前景 / Prospects


UV curable inks are suitable for various substrates. They can replace solvent-based inks or water-based inks.


The global UV curable ink market will reach 3.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 15.7% between 2015 and 2020. As the growth of the packaged food and beverage industry has driven the increase in demand for label printing, it has become a major growth area for UV inks.

2.2  UV光固化涂料 / UV curable coatings

● 組成:顏料/添料/助劑,光引發劑,活性稀釋劑,低聚物

● Composition: pigment/additive/auxiliary, photoinitiator, reactive diluent, oligomer

● 優勢:固化快,低VOC,成本低,浪費少,節約能源,性能好(硬度高,耐磨好,透明度高,質量好)

● Advantages: Fast curing, low VOC, low cost, less waste, energy saving, outstanding performance (high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high transparency, good quality)

● 應用 / Applications

木器涂料/wood coating:


Furniture, doors and windows, wall panels, flooring, daily necessities, wooden musical instruments, sporting goods, stationery, children's toys

印刷材料 / printing material


High-end printing materials for cigarettes, cosmetics, food packaging, etc.

塑料涂料 / plastic coating


Mobile phones, TVs, computers, automobiles, motorcycle accessories and other fields

罩印清漆 / overprint varnish


Apply on top coat to form a varnish that protects the decorative layer.

光纖涂覆材料 / optical fiber coating material


A coating that protects the optical glass fiber from the external environment and maintains its sufficient mechanical strength and optical performance

發展前景 / Prospects


UV curable coatings are becoming more and more mature in different industries, such as optical fiber coatings, wood, beverage cans, food packaging, medical equipment and automotive industries.


The global UV curing coatings market is expected to grow from USD 6.5 billion in 2020 to USD 11.4 billion in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.0% during the forecast period. The government is expected to focus on the adoption of clean fuels and the growth in the number of natural and fuel cell electric vehicles to promote market development.


Regarding 3D printing materials and UV curing adhesives, we will specifically explain their applications, technical references and development prospects in different industries in the next content. Don't miss it~

總結 Summary


At present, global economy as a whole is accelerating towards low-carbon development. Energy conservation, emission reduction, green energy and sustainable development have gradually become the focus of every country around the world. UV-curing materials can provide very fast, solvent-free curing speed, which greatly reduces environmental pollution. In recent years, as an environmentally friendly green material, it has developed vigorously and has a wider range of applications. With the increase in the varieties of high-performance resins and photoinitiators, as well as the continuous innovation of curing technology, more and more UV curing applications have brought more and more high-quality products to people.

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